Manager Reports - Run Reports Instantly. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY!

Using the Managerial reports, you can instantly find out:

  1. A detailed profit report.
  2. A summary report showing your total sales within a certain period. (For eg. a few day period or a few weeks, or a month or a few months, YOU determine the period for all reports.
  3. A list of deleted invoices.
  4. A list of all vendors including their address and telephone numbers.
  5. The amount of money you owe each parts vendor for a determined period.
  6. Reminders you have made for customers needing scheduled visits such as brake pads that were running out on a particular customer 6 months ago.
  7. A total sales report you will need for your state or county (useful when determining how much tax you have collected).
  8. How much cash you have collected in a certain period.
  9. How much checks in total you have collected in a certain period you determine.
  10. How much credit card charges you have collected in a determined period of time.
  11. If you have regular cutomers such as car dealers that pay you on account, you may run a report to determine how much money they owe you.



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