Vendor Setup

This setup is a one time setup. Remember, every time a parts supplier you deal with is added, you should add them in this screen. Additionally, you may add people/dealerships/organizations who have accounts with you and you provide them credit. The first screen below depicts the "Accounts Receivable" while the lower screenshot shows the location in which you add your Vendors.

CarBizPro was made with the intention of being the most user friendly Mechanic Shop Software in the Nation thereby not forcing the users to completely fill out all areas of data entry. However, we believe it is very strategic to add your vendors religiously. This is because parts suppliers tend to make mistakes when charging mechanic shops who pay on account. This may be due to the large number of parts they sell, or maybe incentives in commission paid to the sales person. We have solved that problem for you by allowing you to obtain reports every time you receive an invoice from a auto part supplier. The user friendly reports are generated in less than 15 seconds and you will be provided a list for this report. If there are any discrepancies, it is easily checked. "Save Time, Save Money"


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